Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

In 2018, the Coatesville 2nd Century Alliance was awarded a five-year grant from the Regional Foundation to allocate resources to the residential neighborhoods in the City of Coatesville.


Our mission is to ensure that as the City grows economically, our residents have the opportunity to grow along with it.  In short: mitigate any potential for gentrification or displacement.

Click the link below to see comprehensive neighborhood strengthening plan:

Since 2018, we've connected residents to resources and networks, improved parks and public spaces, promoted work readiness and job opportunities, and so much more.  


Funds from the Regional Foundation grant were deployed into the neighborhoods of Coatesville to underwrite resident-driven initiatives such as playground improvements, academic and sports scholarships, and special community events.


The grant, and our efforts, have had a significant impact on the residential neighborhoods of Coatesville, but the work continues.


As the five-year gratn comes to a close in mid-2023, we take a step back to assess the progress and impact of our work.  We do that through the resident satisfaction survey taken from randomly selected households in the City.


Based on the feedback collected, we then re-apply to the Regional Foundation for an additional five years of funding to continue the work.


Should you have any questions about the program, the process, or the results, please contact us directly at 484-786-8896 or through our Facebook page.

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