The Coatesville Growing Greater project funded by The Wells Fargo Regional Foundation continues...
The Coatesville Growing Greater project funded by The Wells Fargo Regional Foundation continues...

Project Updates:

As a recipient of the Wells Fargo Regional Foundation Planning Grant, we seek to better understand our neighbors; their challenges, their hopes, their priorities, so that we can strategically build outcomes that will improve the quality of their lives and enhance their environments.


The first part of the process happened in September of last year when we conducted a survey of more than 2700 prioperties, determining their physical conditions from an exterior assessment.  


The next steps included one-on-one interviews with more than 300 residents, identifying their challenges, needs, thoughts, and ideas about their lives, neighborhoods, and the City in general.


During this process, we've been meeting with community focus groups and individual stakeholders in an effort to build context around the findings that were becoming clearer and clearer with every meeting:


The priority concers we hear over and over (in no particular order) are:



Programs for the Youth

Public Safety

Resident Engagement


With these priorities identified, we now move on to the next phase of the project; coming up with creative strategic plans to address these issues.


We are currently populating task forces to come up with creative ways to make improvements in these four areas. 


If you or anyone you know has an interest in serving on one of these task forces, please contact our office at 484-786-8896.


Next Steps:

Our task forces are charged with developing creative solutions in the four priority areas that will improve the quality of life for our residents in Coatesville.  These solutions will be presented to the Wells Fargo Regional Foundation over the summer in the form of a comprehensive strategic plan that is the foundation of a grant application for implementation funds.



Task force meetings:  March, 2017

Strategic plan development: April, 2017

Submission to Wells Fargo Regional Foundation: May, 2017

Implementation Grant Application Process: Summer 2017

Grant Application Due: October 2017


For more information, please contact our office at 484-786-8896.

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